State Senate District 16


Colorado Votes is partnering with Colorado Resistance, to lead a targeted voter registration campaign in Senate District 16.

This seat is currently held by Tim Neville, a Republican who won the district by fewer than 2,000 votes in his last election. Although SD16 has more registered Democrats and Independent voters than Republicans, Senator Neville is one of the most conservative members of the State Senate. One of his numerous terrible initiatives has been to propose a bill to classify abortion as a Class 1 Felony—in the same category as first degree murder or treason.  

By flipping this district, we can give Democrats a majority in the State Senate as well as control of the State Legislature. Moreover, 2020 is a redistricting year, and Democratic control of the legislature will enable us to end Republican gerrymandering.

According to past election statistics, Democrats win when voter turnout is high and first time voters are more likely to vote for Democrats. We are establishing a presence in SD16 now by recruiting volunteers and mobilizing them to register voters in their district.

President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission has lead nearly 4,000 voters in Colorado to cancel their voter registration. 90% of these voters are Democrats or unaffiliated. Their cancelled registrations play right into the hands of Trump and the Republican party. Help us counter this fear-mongering and empower Coloradans.

If you’re interested in joining us, fill out a form with your contact info here and one of our steering committee members will be in touch!

Curious about SD16? You can read more about the race here.