Turning CD6 from Red to Blue


Colorado's Sixth Congressional District is the most racially and culturally diverse district in the United States.  It is also a swing district; the population is about 30% Democratic, 30% Republican and about 35% Unaffiliated. Since 2012 the Democratic presidential candidates (Obama and Clinton) have consistently won the district. But the congressional seat remains Republican. Why?

Part of the answer is that CD6 Congressman Mike Coffman is well liked and he has softened some of his rock solid conservative views over the last five years.

Part of the answer is that, like many others in his position, he has introduced so-called "message" bills. These are bills that would really help people in his district were they to be passed, but that never even make it into committee much less out of committee in a Republican dominated Congress. So Coffman  introduces the bills with lots of publicity, takes credit for "helping the people," and never follows through on those initiatives.

Still another part of the answer is that Democrats have run campaign strategies that don't take into account the specific problems and needs of the people who live in the district.

Colorado Votes is aggressively implementing a strategy that relies on talking with voters, listening to voters, helping voters, tailoring strategies based on local needs and problems,  and activating voters to support Democrats.

We are busy working on our strategy! To help, email TurnColoBlue@gmail.com

Following are our activities right now–we're excited for you to join us as we work for the next 15 months to elect a Democrat in this district:

  • Every Saturday from 10 am - 3 pm we have a table outside the Main Aurora Public Library on Alameda.  We register voters, talk with them about what issues are important to them, and give them information sheets about how Democrats and Republicans have voted on these issues in the past.
  • Beginning after Labor Day we will have similar tables outside the Aurora Community Colleges.
  • Beginning August 12, we will offer free weekly Immigration Clinics and Private Consultations by licensed Colorado immigration attorneys.
  • We are supporting the efforts of LatPAC to register, educate, and activate millennials and Latinos in CD6.